Vendor Selection

Having made the strategic decision to explore something new, there is a need to understand how this change would affect your business processes, define exactly the requirements, and assess and choose between suppliers and their solutions. This enables you to remain focused on the business, without losing oversight of these key decisions

Simply, TalboTek pick up the detail that needs to be done to bring in a new technology.
In more detail we can offer packages around

-Strategic requirement capture:
  • Business requirements linked to this technology selection
  • Specific key needs (Gotcha’s) that the technology has to be capable of supporting

-Solution and Vendor selection
  • Package evaluation - with the ability to prototype solutions (both Windows and Linux) in a lab environment, with Internet connection as required, it can be possible within a few days to have a thorough evaluation before formally introducing to your own lab system.
  • Technology Solution contenders – objective analysis and ranking, to support you in making this critical decision
  • Vendor Selection – objective benchmarking criteria defined, and multiple offerings normalised to enable fair comparison

-Implementation Planning
  • Statement of Work agreement with Suppliers – what is needed but not included, what is unnecessary but is being paid for
  • Business Process review
  • it is likely that some small changes in business practices could significantly simplify (and de-risk, or de-cost) the technology solution, are these changes acceptable to your business stakeholders ?
  • System interaction analysis – what else needs to change to enable this move